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We advertise details of how to apply to audition for our projects on this page. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and News page for announcements. Please note, we only accept applications from Drama School trained actors and are always keen to hear from new and emerging talent as well as more experienced actors.

Masterclasses and Workshops

When we are between productions, we hold free masterclasses for actors. This is a great way to make a personal connection with us. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for announcements of upcoming workshops.

Previous Masterclasses



In these workshops, John shared general ‘do and don’t’ advice on how to apply for jobs and gave an overview of how best to present yourself to a director, both in writing and at an audition. He concluded the sessions with one to ones, where each actor was invited to spend a few minutes with him privately, looking at their individual Spotlight profiles (including photos and showreels) and receiving tips on how to present themselves effectively.


“Fab discussion with great advice. Already taken on board and changed.”

Gloria Garcia


“Thank you for your time and honesty.”

Corinna Jane


“Really helpful and informative session.”

Ben Dearden





This discussion based session covered how to set up and run a small-scale theatre company. John looked at key areas such as selecting performance material, funding, budgeting, choosing a venue, marketing and the general administration involved in operating a professional theatre company. There was also an opportunity for students to ask questions they had about any aspect of running themselves as a business, post training. This session was attended by over 30 students. Some of their comments can be seen below:


“A really insightful talk. Left feeling inspired”

Laura Shoebottom


“A very informative and inspiring session!”

Liam Ashmead


“A very interesting and helpful workshop session”

Emily Costello


“A brilliant workshop for our graduating 3rd years”

Italia Conti





On Friday 7th April 2017 our Artistic Director, John Patterson, gave a free masterclass at Barons Court Theatre. This was attended by Drama School students, recent graduates and more experienced professional actors. The focus of this session was how to manage oneself as a business and included tips and advice on how to use social media, how best to contact companies, directors, agents and casting directors as well as discussion of where and how is best to market yourself. There was also an opportunity for individuals to ask questions directly related to their own personal career progression, and actors brought along their CV’s, headshots, business cards etc for advice (and to leave with us)!


“Fantastic Masterclass from John Patterson and Angel Theatre Company today. Covered things all actors should know! Thank you!”

Jay Parsons, GSA graduate


“Thank you so much to Angel Theatre Company and John Patterson for an informative session. Feeling inspired!”

Monica Sik Holm, LIPA graduate


“Informative and inspiring afternoon listening to John Patterson at Angel Theatre Company's masterclass”

Victoria Llewellyn, Oxford School of Drama graduate


“Really enjoyed listening to John Patterson today at the Angel Theatre Company masterclass. Insightful & amusing! Thank you for sharing!”

Olivia Grace, PPA student


“Thank you so much for a brilliant, informative Masterclass this afternoon”

Sarah Coyne, ALRA North graduate





Drama School students from various training establishments who came to see the matinee performance of More Eavesdropping were treated to a free post show Q and A with director John Patterson. In the session, John discussed the process of creating the verbatim production. He also took questions on any aspect of working as an actor within the industry. This included tips and advice on how to make a positive impression to directors, communicate effectively when using social media to promote oneself and how to manage yourself effectively as a business. He also shared exactly what he looks for when casting actors in his productions.




Two free workshops took place on Tuesday 26th January & Wednesday 27th January 2016. These practical workshops were intended for recent Drama School graduates and those in their final year of study. They were led by John Patterson. The first session focussed on 'Taking Direction'. Actors were invited to participate in or observe this workshop. John pre-selected three monologues/duologues (suggested by potential participants) to work on. He discussed the approach each actor/pair had taken in preparing their pieces for presentation, before exploring their interpretation with them. Observers took notes and participated in an open Q and A towards the end of the session. The second session looked at 'How to Make the Best Impression in Commercial Castings'. This took the format of exploring the expectations of the actor in a casting session, before participants had the opportunity to take part in a mock casting.


“Brilliant workshop with John Patterson. Some really useful stuff”

Emily Schofield, Arts Ed graduate


“Super useful masterclasses with John Patterson. Thank you”

Fiona McGarvey, The Bridge Theatre Training


“Thank you very much John for an excellent and informative evening. So much learned!”

Cameron Potts, GSA graduate


“Excellent workshop”

Camilla Watson, ALRA graduate


“Two great masterclasses. So much good advice”

Warren Palmer, The Bridge Theatre Training graduate


“So grateful to John for sharing his knowledge and advice. Incredibly helpful”

Anna Bonnett, ALRA graduate


“Fantastic pair of workshops with the lovely John Patterson.”

George Johnston, Drama Centre graduate


“Extremely useful masterclass”

Isaac Wight, GSA