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More Eavesdropping

More Eavesdropping had a sell out run at Barons Court Theatre in February 2017.


Following the success of our recent production, Eavesdropping, which played to packed houses at Barons Court Theatre in July 2016, we were pleased to return to the venue with More Eavesdropping. Using the same concept as its predecessor, the show consists of a variety of scenes, each varying in length. Unlike most plays which are either scripted or devised, More Eavesdropping is unique in that it is neither! The piece was created by our company of actors who spent several weeks covertly recording real people engaged in genuine conversations. These recordings were then scripted, explored and reinterpreted through rehearsal to find their dramatic potential. Each vignette is a miniature work of art in itself and offers the audience a great insight into the world around us. A more honest, poignant, funny and genuine reflection of society than most conventionally written plays could hope to be!

Audience Feedback

“Very clever concept, staged and acted with style.”

(Scott Le Crass - Theatre Director)


“Splendid afternoon seeing More Eavesdropping. Bravo all! Great show, very well acted by ensemble cast.”

(Lisa Hull, Lisa Hull Associates)


“A canny idea, thoughtfully directed and performed.”

(Maeve Leahy, Roseberry Management)


“Very much enjoyed More Eavesdropping by Angel Theatre Company."

(Nicholas Ransley, Roseberry Management)


“Fascinating evening at Barons Court Theatre: transformations of life into art.”

(Lina Haward)


“Hilarious and moving stuff. It blows my mind that every word is real. Catch it if u can!”

(Eleanor Bennett)


“WELL DONE Angel Theatre Company. More Eavesdropping is a hit! Go see folks!!!”

(Maya Moliere)


“Huge well done to the actors in Angel Theatre Company. You guys smashed it the other night!

Thank you for an inspirational evening!”

(Rachel Beasley)


“Insightful and captivating.”

(Lilly Burton)


“Saw More Eavesdropping at Barons Court theatre today. Beautiful performances from Angel Theatre Company all around! Do go.”

(Kate Ovenden)


“Great concept and lovely to see fresh talent.”

(Tom Girvin)


“What an utterly fascinating piece of theatre! Must be seen (or heard!)”

(Lara Gallagher)


“Best show, best cast, best director. Angel Theatre Company never let me down!!

Still laughing even after seeing it 12 times, you just can't get better than this”

(Sophie Taylor)


“Massive congrats to Angel Theatre Company on another fab show! I would say go and see it but it's SOLD OUT!!”

(Morag Carter)


“Really enjoyed More Eavesdropping last night. Such a variety of emotions and pieces put into one whole play!”

(Kieran Dooner)


“Angel Theatre Company's More Eavesdropping is quirky, fun & provoking.”

(Kaitlin Cusack)


More Eavesdropping at Barons Court Theatre is a must see. Brilliant concept - great work from Angel Theatre Company.”

(Darrell Davy)


More Eavesdropping was amazing! Loved every minute of it.”

(Amelia Manning)


“Absolutely incredible.”

(Sophie Taylor)


“Really enjoyed More Eavesdropping by Angel Theatre Company last night. It was intelligently done and very well staged.”

(Ian Pink)


More Eavesdropping - brilliant stuff and a must see! Can't wait to go back again on Friday.”

(Ben Bullman)


“Just seen More Eavesdropping created by Angel Theatre Company. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Recommend it to everyone!”

(Ben Dearden)

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