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Not I, Catastrophe and Rockaby

by Samuel Beckett

Following our critically acclaimed sell out run of Samuel Beckett’s Footfalls and Play at The Jack Studio in 2019, we returned with three more of his short plays; Not I, Catastrophe and Rockaby in February - March 2020.

Samuel Beckett

The unique style of Samuel Beckett’s plays revolutionised theatre and secured his place as one of the greatest dramatists of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Beckett’s plays offer a bleak, yet tragicomic, view of human existence and often explore the futility of life itself. Other notable works include; Waiting for Godot, Krapp’s Last Tape and Happy Days.

Not I

A disembodied mouth suspended in mid-air spews out dialogue at ferocious pace


An autocratic director and his assistant put the finishing touches to their final scene

A woman recounts her past, driven by the motion of her rocking chair


Nominated for an OFFWESTEND THEATRE AWARD - DIRECTOR (PLAYS) for Not I, Catastrophe & Rockaby


Close up Culture


“Weird, wonderful and wacky Beckett at its best.”


“Astute direction from Beckett aficionado (what he doesn’t know about Beckett can be written on the back of a 70p postage stamp).”


“Cleverly constructed and brilliantly acted.”


“Not I, Catastrophe & Rockaby is a triumph for talented Angel Theatre Company and Jack Studio. Four Beckett plays surely beckon next year.”

Broadway World


“Angel Theatre Company bring Beckett to Brockley and leave this reviewer looking forward to more.”


“A frenetic, captivating hour of stranged words and striking images.”


“My first Beckett - but it won't be my last.”


“Extraordinary stuff!”


Fairy Powered Productions


“A fascinating and thought provoking hour full of powerful performances.”


“Kamras uses much more variety and musicality in her tone than other performances I have seen, creating more immediacy in a highly technical and mesmerising performance.”


“Bonnett slowly and almost imperceptibly portraying the demise of the woman in a masterful performance.”


“Uncomfortable to watch but well worth the effort.”


“This production will delight lovers of Samuel Beckett.”


London Theatre 1


“There is food for thought in these brief, nuanced and assured performances.”


“All three short, reflective plays are slickly performed within the hour: not a moment longer than required and at the same time, distinctly unrushed.”


London Pub Theatres


“Angel Theatre Company do the Master of Minimalism proud.”


“Torrents of words that gleam like jewels against the somberest of backdrops.”


“Not I is a ferociously hard acting challenge, and Samantha Kamras absolutely nailed it.”


“Rockaby is intense and unforgiving. It is quite hard to watch an actor visibly decaying at such close quarters. Anna Bonnett carried it off superbly - tiny, precise, minimal expressions carrying a weight of history and despair.”

Audience Feedback

“The triple bill of Beckett was beautiful. Obviously the writing is on point but it was ace to see it come to life. I’ve loved these pieces for years. Thank you to all involved for making them a theatrical reality. Bravo.”
Matthew Parker
“Mesmeric, beautiful, terrifying, poignant, intimate, majestic, spellbinding, breathtaking, funny, tear-inducing, tantalising, hypnotic, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Angel Theatre Company get Beckett *exactly* right.”
Dan Dawes, Artistic Director of Idle Discourse
“Outstanding triple bill.”
Stefania Licari
“Powerful, engrossing theatre, brilliantly performed and directed.”
Julia Stubbs
“An outstanding performance. My first time watching Beckett and definitely not the last!”
Thomas Woolford
“Fine production of Samuel Beckett shorts... delightfully discomforting.”
Philip Mitchell
“A wonderful evening of short Beckett plays. Endlessly intriguing and thought provoking.”
Dan Ireland-Reeves
“A finely tuned evening of Beckett's words and stark imagery.”
Barbara Garfath
“Superb production. Great exacting performances and direction - Offies nomination richly deserved!”
David Bottomley
“Intense, mesemerising and thought provoking. I was entranced the whole time. Thank you for taking us on that journey and the fab Q & A afterwards.”
Shannon Lumbard
“A treat of a Beckett trio.”
Leah Haysom Oates
“Three wonderfully haunting works, beautifully acted by a very talented and skilful cast and masterfully directed.”
Ricky Zalman
“Bleak, brave and beautiful.”
Chris Lilly
“Incredibly daring and extremely out of the ordinary performances that leaves the audience wanting more.”
Amy Ross
“Haunting, cryptic and strangely relevant. Thanks for the experience and fascinating post-show Q & A.”
Tom Jensen
“Hard going on the page but bought to life on the stage... excellent production and performances.”
Tom Anderson
“You did Beckett proud again. I'm so grateful you have the courage to perform this great writer's plays.”
Malcolm Jeffries
“The precision of acting and direction in every movement, every word and every breath is extremely impressive.”
Tim Larkfield
“Mesmeric and thought provoking.”
Kevin Laughton
“Incredibly slick, precise and skillfully performed and directed.”
Sarah Kerr

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