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In July 2017, we presented Sarah Kane's 4:48 Psychosis at Barons Court Theatre. The production enjoyed a sell-out run and achieved widespread appreciation from its audiences. We also attracted a 5 star review, which can be viewed below.


4:48 Psychosis is a challenging piece which explores the effects of clinical depression on the individual. It is a disorder from which Kane herself suffered. The play is an excruciating examination of the condition, perhaps giving the audience a unique insight into Kane’s personal struggles with the illness. Discussion of suicide is a recurring theme as is the desires of the depressed mind, the effects and effectiveness of taking medication to treat depression, self-harm, isolation, dependency, relationships and love.


Almost 20 years after the play was written, our aim was to present a thought provoking and timely revival – a re-examination of the struggles still facing many people in our society.

We were proud to support PAPYRUS, a fantastic charity dedicated to saving lives by helping to prevent suicide in young people, by donating proceeds from programme sales to the cause. More information about PAPYRUS can be found on their website at:


by Sarah Kane

4:48 Psychosis



Kate Pettigrew for London Pub Theatres

“Magnificent - seven actors bring poetic beauty to a deeply challenging subject”

To read full review click here

Audience Feedback

“Overwhelmed by Angel Theatre Company's performance of 4:48 Psychosis. Such an honest, compelling performance.”

(Amy Ross)


“Stunning work from Angel Theatre Company tonight! You brought out the sincerity of 4:48 Psychosis with raw power and beauty.”

(Daniel McCaully)


“In a word - AMAZING! Inspiring to see brilliant theatre shining light on mental health. Bravo!”

(Ricky Zalman)


“Very delicate subject matter, performed beautifully!”

(Jake Leo Brown)


“An incredibly thought provoking performance! Raising awareness and breaking the stigma.”

(Emily Costello)


“4:48 Psychosis was incredible! I know the play but it was like watching it for the first time! “

(Bianca Mulligan)


“Thank you for being brave enough to perform 4:48 Psychosis. Will never look at mental illness the same again.”

(Eleanor Bennett)


“Should be taken on tour, brilliant direction.”

(Andy Dawson)


“A stellar performance on an often forgotten topic.”

(Daniel Potterton)


“Thought-provoking, primal and raw theatre from Angel Theatre Company.”

(Ben Dearden)


“Brilliantly executed by a fab cast.”

(Olivia Davies)


“Blown away! Such a powerful and thought provoking text. Amazingly directed & acting was incredible.”

(Shannon Lumbard)


“4:48 Psychosis was beautifully done. Angel Theatre Company - the company that never stops giving. Incredible cast and director.”

(Theo Watt)


“A very emotive performance this evening supporting new talent watching the powerful directorial vision of 4:48 Psychosis!”

(Samuel Davies)


“A challenging piece performed brilliantly!”

(Lauren Verrier)


“What a brave and bold piece of theatre! 4:48 Psychosis at Barons Court Theatre is exactly the kind of theatre we need to see.”

(Jay Parsons)


“Lucky enough to see the opening night: a truly affecting production of Kane's text. Some very strong performances!”

(Lara Gallagher)


“Drowning in a sea of voices of angels & demons. Congratulations to all for such thought provoking art.”

(Anna Marie Burslem)


“Such a brilliant important piece of art. Well done to all involved!”

(Corinna Jane)

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