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"This is one of the most original concepts for a theatrical piece we have ever heard of and it promises to be a fascinating production."
Ron Phillips, Artistic Director - Barons Court Theatre

This production played to full houses at Barons Court Theatre in July 2016.

Eavesdropping consists of a variety of scenes, each varying in length. Unlike most plays which are either scripted or devised, Eavesdropping is unique in that it is neither! The piece was created by our company of actors who spent several weeks covertly recording real people engaged in genuine conversations. These recordings were then scripted, explored and reinterpreted through rehearsal to find their dramatic potential. Each vignette is a miniature work of art in itself and offers the audience a great insight into the world around us. A more honest, poignant, funny and genuine reflection of society than most conventionally written plays could hope to be!



Roger Mortimer for Plays to See

“What you want to know is whether it’s worth your time and money to go, and the answer is definitively yes.”


Susan Elkin

“Eavesdropping is a very interesting show. 10 fine young actors in short scenes. All words verbatim eavesdroppings from real life.”

Audience Feedback


“What an amazing piece of theatre! Blown away! So funny, so real, so heartbreaking.”

(Charlie Higgs)


“Lovely stuff from Angel Theatre last night with their original performance, Eavesdropping. Such a great concept!”

(Ryan Saunders)


Eavesdropping was funny, moving, raw theatre. People all around us have stories, we just have to listen.”

(Octavia Gilmore)


“Had great fun watching Angel Theatre’s Eavedropping this evening. Strangers say the darnest things!”

(Issac Wight)


“An exciting and original concept!”



“Saw the Show last night with a colleague...we loved it! A talented cast. We could have sat there all night and quite joyfully have listened to more and more.”

(David McMahon)


“Such a clever concept, funny and insightful."

(Alexandra Stenson)


Eavesdropping was amazing. One minute I was laughing the next I had a tear in my eye. A must see”

(Amy Ross)


“A charming and excitingly executed piece of work - a must see.”

(Max Calandrew)


“Fresh, original work."

(Sebastienne Williams - One Another Management)


“Go see it immediately! Eavesdropping 10/10!”

(Adrian Hall - Principal of ALRA)


Eavesdropping by Angel Theatre Company is absolutely brilliant! Hilarious and heartfelt!”

(Charlotte Price)


“I was scared, I laughed, I identified , it made me feel uncomfortable and proud, so many emotions , this wasn't like a piece of theatre that I have ever seen. It's totally unique and as a member of the audience you are so close you feel you're getting a raw experience, almost in the scene itself. Go and experience it yourself, but be quick, only 6 shows left. I want to go again.”

(Marina Crees)


“Beautifully observed, beautifully acted. Honestly, none of us can stop talking about it, such a great show!”

(Surrey Drama)


“Angel Theatre Company's Eavesdropping was great - laughs and tears...5 stars from me”

(About Theatre)


Eavesdropping by Angel Theatre Company is like a theatrical rendering of Gogglebox. A funny & disturbingly pedestrian snapshot of modern Britain.”

(Sean Turner, Theatre Director)


Eavesdropping is such a great play, wonderful concepts, fab acting & direction.”

(Amy Allen)


“Highly recommend Eavesdropping. Memorable performances by young actors - now I hear potential scripts in every public space!”

(Sam Mostyn)


“What I took away from the evening is that these everyday conversations, musings, and moments matter. People matter. Not everyone ends up in a play. Not everyone is capable of writing a play (let alone a good one!). But, often it is the conversations we overhear or of which we are a part, which can entertain, move, and even transform us...for a second, an evening, a tube ride...or even a lifetime...”

(Stephanie Pezalano, New York)

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