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Gobstoppers is a montage of original solo vignettes specifically written and developed for streaming on screen. A team of writers and actors were invited to collaborate on this unique project, which was available to watch via Vimeo in March and April 2021.


A series of unrelated scenes were commissioned from a pool of writers. Instructions were to create a piece of dialogue which specifically centred on the actor’s eyes, mouth or hands, the three primary tools available to the director/actor to communicate a character/narrative. Writers were encouraged to think “outside the box” and take risks in their choices, as well as to avoid the theme of Covid/lockdown…the aim of the project was to offer some escapism from our current situation. These vignettes were then cast and rehearsed via zoom, each filmed on actor’s mobile phones, before being edited to create the whole.

Cast includes:

Amy Allen, Anna Bonnett, Joanna Clarke, Kieran Dooner, Louis Fox, Malcolm Jeffries, Samantha Kamras, Sarah Kerr, Jasmine Raymond, Denise Rocard, Christie Silvester and Theo Watt.

Writers include:

Amy Allen, Anna Bonnett, Brian Coyle, Stephen Donald, Kieran Dooner, Barbara Garfath, David Lawson Lean, and Scott Younger.

Acting For Others

All creatives involved in the project waived their usual fee in order that the piece may be used to raise funds for the charity Acting for Others. Instead of charging a pay-per-view fee, Angel Theatre Company asked viewers, if their finances allowed, to make a donation to the charity, which is dedicated to offering financial and emotional support to all theatre workers in times of need. Our aim was to raise £500 for this worthy cause in the hopes that money pledged would help our freelance industry colleagues who were suffering through lack of any form of government financial support during the pandemic. We were delighted to exceed our target by raising a total of £530.


About Acting For Others:

For every successful theatre worker, there are hundreds of actors, dancers, musicians, lighting technicians, wardrobe staff, front of house and backstage workers who are not so fortunate. Acting for Others is here to provide not only financial but emotional support to all theatre workers in times of need through the 14 member charities. At this difficult time for all, the theatre industry needs your support more than ever. With the closure of theatre, tens of thousands of theatre workers across the UK are facing unemployment and financial uncertainty for a number of months. We thank you all for supporting the theatre community at this time.

Louise Penn



Louise Penn

“Digital theatre should play with the form and not be afraid of letting the audience up close, and Gobstoppers truly innovates.”


Gobstoppers is a showcase for the human experience – and the variance between people which make us not just look different, but act differently.”


“Pieces which hint at the complexity of life and the choices we make as we go on our journey from birth to death.”


“I came away from Gobstoppers thinking about how we interpret our personal ‘image’ or ‘brand’, and the discrepancy between how we see ourselves (mostly via mirrors, which distort) and how others assess us.”


“There are deep issues at the heart of this piece, whether political, familial, sexual, or rational.”


“It is a complex piece which challenges, educates, confuses, and entertains. Just what experimental theatre should be.”

Audience Feedback

A small screen triumph! Congratulations on this dramatic challenge.


A fantastic idea!


Brilliant show - always happy to support your work.


It’s such a pleasure to support the arts as you’ve brought so much joy to my life.


Fantastic production - this time coming straight into our homes! Bravo to all the actors, writers and creatives involved.


Acting is one of the most important art forms there is and therefore worthy of our support!


Brilliant job everyone involved creating this unique piece of theatre!


Absolutely loved it!


Keep up your splendid contribution to the Arts.


An excellent production and at times challenging.


Incredible short film in support of the amazing charity @ActingforOthers


I recommend these close-up takes on thoughts and words through lips and teeth and eyes and hands.


Yet another triumph. Do donate to their chosen charity if you can - it’s a great cause. Grab a tea, settle down and hit ‘play’. Bravo to all the cast, writers, and creatives involved.


Such an incredible concept and so engaging. The eyes never lie…


A great eye catching piece of theatre and any donations made go towards a great charity!


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