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Eavesdropping Again

In October 2018, we produced Eavesdropping Again, the third instalment of our 'Eavesdropping' projects.
In July 2016 Angel Theatre Company created Eavesdropping - a unique piece of verbatim theatre! Unlike most plays which are either scripted or devised, Eavesdropping was different in that it was neither! The piece was created by our company of actors who spent several weeks covertly recording real people engaged in genuine conversations. These recordings were then scripted, explored and reinterpreted through rehearsal to find their dramatic potential. Each vignette became a miniature work of art, offering the audience a great insight into the world around us. It proved to be a more honest, poignant, funny and genuine reflection of society than most conventionally written plays could hope to be! The show was so successful, we decided to repeat the project and created More Eavesdropping in January 2017. Again, the unique concept proved to be so popular that the entire run of the production sold out.
Following the same formula as its predecessor projects, we created a new social commentary, reflecting the attitudes and opinions of those living their lives in and around London.

Audience Feedback

“Such great performances by all members of the cast and a very interesting concept!”

Sam Stafford


“It was brilliant, funny, and moving.”

Katie Matsell


“Verbatim theatre at its best! Hilarious, poignant, slick work and of course masterfully acted.”

Rose Trustman


“Thought provoking and often funny, little glimpses of the world around us. Do go see it.”

Ira Kormind


“An honest, exposing and thought provoking piece of Verbatim Theatre.”

Olivia Thompson


“Thought provoking, funny and real. Brilliant theatre!”

Theo Watt


“Beautiful performances all round, and such a slick production!”

Tamsin Lynes


“Brilliant verbatim theatre. Disclosure: you will be moved.”

Elliot Blagden


“So many laughs and a truly brilliant cast.”

Beth Wells


“An exceptionally strong cast and entertaining from start to finish.”

Paul Brayward


“What a fabulously entertaining evening. Such a talented group of performers.”

Tracey Murphy


“Thoroughly enjoyed watching this unique piece of theatre last night. It was thought provoking, at times disturbing, bizarre and hilarious.”

Sarah Kerr


“Such a humanistic approach to theatre that intrigues you, yet makes you feel like you’re not alone.”

Stephanie Watkins


“So original. So fantastic. We loved it!”

Gloria Garcia


“Cracking & relevant theatre, & cracking & moving performances”

Camilla Walters


“Thought provoking, funny & real glimpses of the world that surrounds us.”

Shannon Patricia


“A triumphant tapestry of talking wild.”

Barbara Garfath


“A very fascinating concept and great performances all round!”

Katherine Sturt-Scobie


“I was so engrossed by the concept and how accurately it shows how warped, wacky and wonderful we really are.”

Anna Dekowski


“13 talented and focused actors presenting a wide swathe of real life.”

Matthew Campling

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