Can't Stand up for Falling Down

by Richard Cameron

Can't Stand Up For Falling Down played to packed houses at the New Wimbledon Studio Theatre from 7th – 11th July 2015.
The play consists of three apparently separate but ultimately intertwined monologues. Lynette, Jodie and Ruby are young women in a small Yorkshire town whose lives cross paths through encounters with a brutal bully named Royce. The play brings to life the suffocating fear of domestic violence in a small town. Themes of intimidation, fear, desperation, single-parenthood, loss, memory, hope and togetherness resonate throughout the piece. It is an intimate, physical and emotionally charged piece of theatre.

Directed by John Patterson




Remote Goat

“An intimate, touching and strong production.”


“Three equally strong performances...keeping us engaged at all times”


“Director John Patterson has achieved an incredible precision.”


“Angel Theatre Company is to be recommended for providing challenging and high quality opportunities for new graduates.”

ONIN London

“This was nail-biting stuff!”

“You must not miss this production.”

“Expert direction with attention to the smallest of details.”

“The outstanding skill of each actress took us through a roller coaster of emotions.”

“With acting skill way beyond their years I have no doubt that cast members will go far.”

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