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In May 2018 we presented Neil LaBute's Autobahn, A Short-Play Cycle.
“Sitting in an automobile was where I first remember understanding how drama works. Hidden in the back seat of a sedan, I quickly realised how deep the chasm or intense the claustrophobia could be inside your average family car.” - Neil LaBute.
As one of America’s most celebrated playwrights, Neil LaBute has enthralled audiences all over the world with his layered characters, sharp dialogue and subtle social commentaries. In Autobahn he gives us seven scenes set within the confines of a car - an environment from which there is no escape! Inside the car the characters are forced, no matter how reluctantly, to engage in conversation. Each vignette offers a brief insight into the world of a variety of couples, resulting in a montage of intriguing character driven playlets. From the humorous to the unsettling, Autobahn offers its audience the most intriguing of theatrical road trips!
“Neil LaBute is the first dramatist since David Mamet and Sam Shepard - since Edward Albee, actually - to mix sympathy and savagery, pathos and power.” - Donald Lyons, New York Post.

by Neil LaBute


“Beautiful performances of a dark yet funny play.”

(Talitha Penny)


“Hats off to Angel Theatre Company for a stunning production of Autobahn.”

(Ira Kormind)


“Autobahn by the wonderful Angel Theatre Company was a beautiful, truthful show. A joy to watch!”

(Laoise Sweeney)


“A huge applause to the cast of Autobahn with the Angel Theatre Company. This performance was brilliant!”

(Morgane Lafrance)


“Beautiful and truthful performances.”

(Miranda Braun)


“Such wonderfully vibrant performances all round!”

(Tamsin Lynes)


“Such an intimate experience with scenes featuring an array of emotions.”

(Abbey Gardner)


“Couldn’t recommend enough - incredibly committed performances from all.”

(Robbie Martin)


“I have just watched the Angel Theatre Company’s production of Autobhan. INCREDIBLE!! What an experience.”

(Jordan Laidley)


“Sincere, human and stunning work. Loved it!”

(Anna Hallas Smith)


“Great writing, acting and direction. A class act.”

(Deborah Kearne)


“Showcasing beautiful performances & detailed examinations of the human psyche,

tightly directed.”

(Maria Hildebrand)

Audience Feedback

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