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In December 2019 we brought a new, original piece of verbatim theatre to the White Bear.
Stray explored the plight of London’s homeless community and offered a unique insight into a world that surrounds us; one we constantly encounter but may rarely engage with. Every word spoken on stage was taken directly from interviews with homeless people and the general public around them.


This production was kindly supported by ALRA and received a generous grant from the R C Sherriff Trust.


We were delighted to support Hoodies for the Homeless, who also raise money for Crisis. For every hoodie sold, one is donated to the Crisis at Christmas appeal. An example of one of their hoodies was worn by one of our actors on stage.



The profits generated from this production were donated to Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, to help fund their Christmas campaign.

Audience Feedback

“A stunning piece of verbatim theatre. Moving, thought provoking and funny. Five excellent ensemble performances, sensitively directed.”

Maggie Saunders


“Really fantastic verbatim piece surrounding the topic of homelessness. Neither preaches nor dictates a singular message, but leaves you asking questions. Affecting and unnerving. We love theatre that changes you.”

Jay O'Connell


“Insightful and thought provoking. We spoke about it until the wee hours of the morning.”

Jonathan Rice


“Powerful stuff.”

Laura Shipler


“Really thought provoking. Beautiful acting and directing.”

Sarah Kerr


“Insightful and well performed, if at times uncomfortable to watch. It gives a voice to homeless people - so often ignored or invisible.”

Tim Larkfield


“Superb thought provoking production.”

Michelle Hollywood


“Very insightful and moving. Another great show from Angel Theatre Company.”

Joseph Richard Thomas


“An important, thought provoking and at times hard to watch piece of theatre. A really powerful insight in to how homelessness affects lives!”

Shannon Lumbard


“Incredible! Such a thought provoking performance.”

Hoodies for the Homeless


“Such a truthful and thought provoking piece! It really does give a warm and honest insight into homelessness.”

Kieran Dooner


“Extremely moved by Stray. Guaranteed to make you think.”

Giselle Whiteaker


“Thought provoking, honest and moving, and for a great cause.”

Mary Tillett


“Amazing and viewpoints from all sides. Makes you think twice about homelessness.”

Gillian Broderick

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