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No Exit

by Jean Paul Sartre

(Adapted from the French by Paul Bowles)



In November 2017 we presented Sartre's classic, No Exit, at Barons Court Theatre. The show played to packed houses every night of it's run!


In this classic yet timeless play, two women and one man find themselves in a room. The door is locked and the windows are bricked up. There is no exit! Who are they? What has brought these strangers together? How long must they endure each other’s company? The answers are gradually revealed in Sartre’s fascinating examination of human behaviour.

Audience Feedback

“An electrifying performance by the most talented cast! Hugely enjoyable and always a delight to see their work.”

(Sara Harris)


"No Exit was absolutely astonishing! An incredibly powerful and intense performance. Hands down my favourite thing Angel Theatre Company has produced."

(Amy Ross)


“Just seen brilliant acting! You could feel the heat!”

(Michele Hollywood)


“Another fantastic performance from Angel Theatre Company. Wasn’t familiar with the play but what a cracker!”

(Eleanor Bennett)


“Loved it!”

(Corinna Jane)


“A great piece of intimate and engaging theatre.”

(Ben Dearden)


“A must see!”

(Gloria Garcia)


“Absolutely stunning show!”

(Maddie Salter)

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